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Welcome to AskAlicia Tarot -- I am available for personal readings and events. Looking forward to reading for you!

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  • Jordan M·

    My husband and I recently renowed our vows and naturally needed to have a Tarot Reader! I have seen all the magical people - tarot, reiki, astrologists, psychics, therapy you name it, I've probably done it. I am very careful of the who who I work with spiritually and professionally. I met with several Tarot Readers and just know Alicia was the one within the first 5 minutes of our zoom. We did a short reading which really sealed the deal. She was very honest, which first had me like..UGH...but she knew just the right questions to ask that felt actionable, which is something I never experienced with other readers. I've been thinking about that reading ever since! For our vow renewal, our guests who were able to have a session with her had such enlightening experiences, and I swear she has changed the course of so many of their lives. My little magical, witchy heart was so happy! She brought a beautiful set up that had it's own vibe from the party. Plus she perfectly nailed our Vanity Fair Oscars After Party dress code :) HIGHLY recommend Alicia for private sessions and parties. I can't wait for my next reading!

  • Maritza Grooms·

    Alicia truly has a gift, and she's SO HUMBLE about it!! First, she creates such a safe, warm, and welcoming space where you feel grounded and can remain present throughout the reading. She is transparent and authentic and answers all your questions, plus helps you figure out what questions you're trying to answer. She operates with no judgment, but with AMAZING insight. I got chills several times as she repeated words I had said to myself that NOBODY knew about. The reading was not only incredibly accurate, but it felt like she was reading my soul. I cried so many times from the truths she uncovered for me, and the clarity she gave me. I've had readings done by other people but NEVER has a reading resonated so deeply and been so completely on point! Alicia's energy is one of a kind, and much like her beautiful, bright, and safe. Get your reading with her ASAP!

  • Jennifer Escamilla·

    I Looooove Alicia so much! Let me say to anyone looking for a tarot reader, please book Alicia you won’t regret it!! When planning my company’s holiday party, I was struggling to find the right tarot card reader for our party. I wanted to ensure I got someone that would be the perfect fit and vibe for us. When someone at work recommended her I instantly felt a connection and said “Yes! She’s the one!” My experience with her was so insightful. I’m so grateful I got to experience a tarot reading with her. She gave me clarity in what direction I should take on a personal matter I was struggling with. Not only was she so insightful and accurate but I felt like I was talking to a best friend as well. I had an amazing experience with her. She’s the real deal. I love that she is spiritual. Once again highly recommend her. Thank you so much Alicia for your guide. I appreciate everything you said to me. Looking forward to having you at our next event!

  • Anonymous·

    I was nervous booking my very first tarot card reading with Alicia. But she made the experience as smooth and comfortable for me as possible. She was able to answer my questions with precision and months later, these things came to pass with accuracy. I do not recommend everyone to anybody, but with Alicia, I trust her intuition and integrity with her gift and talent :)

  • Ms. Hawkins·

    What to say!?! It’s only been my 3rd reading but my first one with Alicia and this tops all of them. The transparency, the patience, understanding and atmosphere. It was like therapy. Alicia has an incredible gift of what she does. Something’s that was discussed made it easier to uncover some subconscious issues. Now to address some of things and work on plan to continue to grow and become the better version of me. Highly recommend. What’s the trend now… of course I’m at the age I’m start leaving reviews.

  • Gabby Cisneros·

    I love always coming to Alica
    Shes so easy to speak to and her readings are always spot on in some form. It gives me a clarity that makes me feel full. Love coming to her anytime!

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